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Welcome to Annie Boyd, we hope you enjoy browsing our website. At the moment it offers only a small portion of what we have available as we have but we will endeavour to add to the site as soon as possible.

We believe childhood should be magical, a time when memories are created and the fun should begin! We believe that developing children's imagination is an important part of growing up.! That's why at Annie Boyd we carry products for imaginative play,wooden toys,beautiful Princess Dresses, fairy dresses, Tutus, Dress-ups,costumes, Fairy doors,, dolls houses, to diggers to name a few.

We believe in children being children that's one of the reasons we carry our award winning Lottie dolls, they give parents an new option to a Barbie or Brats doll , and being created with the body shape of a 9yr old and with healthy activities in mind, with the accessories kits like horse riding picnics and walking the dog, it allows them to role play in a more child like fashion

We also believe in creating happy memories and magical time for our families, that is why we also specialise in Halloween and Christmas.

We are a one stop shop of Halloween whether your looking for Decorations or costumes .We import directly from both Australia and USA and use the best local suppliers

We carry every thing for Christmas from amazing Christmas crackers to compliment your Christmas table , beautiful imported Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, amazing cheeky elves , nativities, Christmas lights and everything in between. Please remember if you can't find it on our website yet feel free to call us.

Happy Shopping and remember Believe And The Magic Will Find You!